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Three Tips To Help Make Moving During Unpredictable Weather Better

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Moving is stressful any time of the year, but when autumn rolls around, the move can take on a whole new level of challenges. No matter what area of the country you live in, the autumn weather can be unpredictable. One day the sun is shining and it's warm, the next, storms are rolling in and you're under a frost advisory. So, what can you do to ensure your belongings are safe no matter what the weather is on the day of the move? Here, you'll find a few ideas to help you do just that.

Property Protection

Since you don't know if the ground will be wet or dry the day of the move, discuss ground protection with the movers. Some companies have their own mats that they put down on the lawn to drive up to the house on, others do not. In the event that they don't offer this service, these mats can be leased from local hardware stores.

The mats are placed on the path leading to the house. The truck drives up and your items are loaded straight from the door. This helps in two ways—it protects the lawn and it protects your items if it rains.

Plant Protection

Moving houseplants can be quite a headache. A few tips to help protect the plants include:

  1. Don't water the plants for a couple of days leading up to the move. The excess water will make the plants heavier and can cause water damage to the things around the plant if the water overflows.
  2. If it's cold, wrap the pot in newspapers to insulate the roots. Place the entire plant inside a box and wait until the last minute to load them. Just before loading, toss a couple of activated hand warmers in the box. The hand warmers will stay hot for several hours and release enough heat into the box to protect the plants from the cold without causing them to get too hot.

Hire Movers

The faster you can get things out of the old house and into the new one will decrease the likelihood of damage caused by varying temperatures. Electronics are highly prone to damage when exposed to very low temperatures, as well as very high temperatures.

Not only will hiring movers help you with the workload, but they will also help to ensure that everything arrives at your new home as quickly and safely as possible. 

For more information, contact local movers