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Called To Duty? 3 Strategies For Planning A Fast Move So That You Can Care For Your Aging Loved One

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Long distance caregiving has worked so far. However, your loved one's recent illness or injury has made it clear that they need you to provide more direct care. While you are eager to jump in and start helping your loved one thrive, you also know that a rapid move means a whole lot of work in a short time. As you prep for your new role, use these strategies to work with a local moving service like Modern Movers, Inc. to make the transition easier.

Create a Time Plan

The first thing that you must do is figure out how long you have to complete the move. For instance, you may know that your loved one will be in the hospital for a few weeks, and you can plan to move to their house a few days before they are discharged. Once you have your date set, let your moving company know your goal. Last minute movers are equipped to help you sort, pack and transport your items quickly once there is a time schedule in mind.

Start Purging Now

Moving companies are great at packing and transporting your belongings, but they are not mind readers. For this reason, it is best to begin the process of reducing the size of your household right away. Go through your current house, and sort your belongings according to whether you want to donate, trash or move them. If you have people helping you, then use labels to make sure that everyone knows what you want done. Then, remove all of the items that you no longer want before you schedule your moving consultation. This way, your movers can give you a quote that is based solely on what you actually want to move.

Plan Your Transportation

There are several options for transportation that you can explore depending upon how far you have to move. For some people, it makes sense to drive their own car while long distance movers handle transporting all of the household possessions. Alternatively, you may choose to drive the moving van if you are selling your car. However, be aware that large trucks are difficult to drive if you are not experienced, which is why many people fly while the movers drive. After selecting your best transportation option, lock in your date so that you have the truck and equipment that you need.

The next few weeks will involve a flurry of activity, but you know that you have made the right choice by choosing to be closer to your loved one. By quickly putting a plan together, you can turn your last minute move into the best move you ever made.