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Four Little Things You Can Get Done Well In Advance Of Moving Day

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As your moving day approaches, you're just going to get busier and busier. There are a lot of things you just can't do until the last minute — like pack your bathroom items and pick up the moving truck. However, there are plenty of little moving tasks that don't have to wait until the last minute. Here's a look at four things you can definitely do well in advance of moving day.

Start Accumulating Packing Supplies

If you wait until the last minute to look for boxes, you'll end up having to buy them. Start stocking up on moving boxes months in advance of your move. This does not have to be a big, overwhelming endeavor. Whenever you go to a store to buy something, just stop on your way out and ask if they have any extra boxes. You'll accumulate a few at a time without ever really trying.

Get An Estimate

You don't have to wait until the last minute to find moving services. In fact, the further out you book, the better the deal you'll often get. So, start getting estimates months in advance of your move. It's okay if you don't know exactly what day you'll be moving on yet. The moving company may offer you different rates for different days, and you can use that information to make your decision.

Pack Seasonal Items

You probably don't want to pack up your cooking equipment or underwear too far in advance, since you'll need to use it again prior to the move. However, you can pack up off-season items like your Halloween decorations and Christmas lights if those holidays won't fall before your moving day. It will be nice to know you have a few less things to pack when moving day grows closer.

Ask Friends For Help

Start asking your friends to help as far in advance as possible so they don't make other plans the week of your move. Be specific in what you ask them to do for you, too. For example, if you want them to show up and help you pack a few days in advance of the move, make that clear. If you want them to help load the truck, make that clear. People are more likely to commit to helping you when they have a lot of notice and know exactly what they are committing to. 

If you get those four things done a month or two before your move, you'll be a lot less stressed on moving day.