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Types Of Moving Services

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Moving to a new location can be hectic as you must ensure safe packing and transportation of all your household or office items. That's why you require moving services. Movers usually have the expertise and experience that help simplify and speed up the moving process. Additionally, moving companies have the right equipment to help lift heavy items such as furniture, preventing damage and injury. However, selecting the ideal moving company is essential for a trouble-free moving process. Here are the various types of moving services to consider.

Local or Intrastate Movers

Local movers offer services within one state and charge an hourly rate. However, since the moving distance is usually short, local moving services work for a few hours, making the moving process affordable.

Also, finding a local moving company is easy as you can search for movers near your area through local contacts and referrals. However, ensure that the movers you hire have the correct permits and insurance to avoid legal issues and losses.

Long-distance or Interstate Movers

A long-distance move covers a longer distance than a local move. However, note that the move is typically from one state to another. In this regard, the moving company you choose should have the correct permits under federal law.  Additionally, choose affordable movers. Generally, these factors influence interstate moving costs:

  • Weight of the goods: The heavier your goods are, the more you will pay for transportation.
  • Distance covered: Movers charge more for longer distances since they use more fuel and travel time.
  • Additional services: If you'd like your moving company to provide extra services such as furniture assembly, you'll probably pay more.

While these factors impact moving expenses, the cost of each company is unique. Hence, get quotations from various movers and select the most affordable option.

International Movers

An international move entails moving to a new continent. The move can be complicated since the new region you're relocating to has unique laws and customs requirements you should follow. Fortunately, international movers can help you move successfully. The movers offer various services, including full container shipping, air freight, and ocean freight services. Each mover also offers unique prices depending on these factors:

  • Distance: The longer the moving distance, the more you will pay as movers will use more time and fuel transporting your goods.
  • Shipment volume: The larger the shipment volume, the more space your goods occupy, which means a higher moving cost.
  • Mode of transport: Air transport is usually fast and can carry large volumes of goods, making it an economical transport option than rail.

Understanding these factors can help you cut down on your moving expenses.

The common types of moving services are intrastate, interstate, and international movers. Consider these options when searching for a moving company.